Centralized vs. decentralized route planning for field reps

Which is the best way to manage your field reps? Centralized route planning by the in-house team or decentralized planning by the field reps themselves? In any case, the objective is the best possible customer service, i.e. meet call frequencies, react immediately to customer requests, and avoid forgetting customers. On top of that, no time shall be wasted on the road and efficient and optimized routes are the top priority. Read here how to plan good routes for your field staff – centralized, decentralized or a combination of both using the modern route planner portatour®.

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Analyze field reps’ call reports on a map with Excel & Power Map

Have you always asked yourself which customers your field reps visit and where? Are you interested in visualizing your field reps’ call reports on a map and possibly analyzing them together with other key indicators? The new Power Map feature of Excel 2013 and Power Pivot for data analysis is able to create even complex visualizations. The following article will give you step-by-step instructions for the setup. For this purpose we use call reports entered into the portatour® field rep software which can be directly imported into Excel and updated at the push of a button.

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Visit more customers with automatic route planning – how to get started!

Field staff have different possibilities of getting more customers and achieving a higher turnover. An important aspect is good route planning: Which customers shall be visited on which days and in which order? Currently many sales reps and field staff still either drive “chaotically” to any customer who raised their attention or make the effort of always planning their daily, weekly or monthly tours manually. The first is ineffective, the latter is time-consuming and makes it difficult to achieve all your targets. Unnecessary kilometres are often the consequence. Nowadays there exists advanced software for route planning that automates the entire process. A computer can both calculate your routes quicker and achieve better results. Learn from this article how to get started with automatic route planning.

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portatour® route-planner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM available

Are you already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your field reps? Are you thinking about switching to Dynamics CRM 2015? Then we have good news for you: the portatour® route-planner is now compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – in addition to the 2013 and 2011 versions.

portatour® is currently known not only as the fastest fully automatic sales-route-planner available for Dynamics CRM, but it also offers an offline mode, which allows field reps to access their appointments, customer data and call reports anytime and anywhere. PC, notebook, tablet and smartphone are all supported.

Equip your field reps with the route-planner to visit more customers and drive fewer miles.

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These trainings improve sales reps’ route planning

Do you want to improve your field-reps performance? In sales, consulting or service – with automated route-planning you visit more customers and drive fewer miles. A +25% efficiency boost is possible – enduring. Each year we accompany over 100 enterprises when rolling out portatour® for route-planning and we thereby know, what makes a project successful. Profit from our experience and book trainings for your reps and workshops for your administrators:

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success stories

5 success-stories with the portatour® route-planner

portatour® is used successfully by thousands all over the world. Here are the stories of five companies who are empowering their field reps with portatour®. Read first-hand accounts of how portatour® enables more sales calls each day, how quickly portatour® can be rolled out, how much revenue and customer visits are increased and what new insights companies gained on their field operations through portatour® reporting. Continue reading

Illustration: winners-losers-web-over-desktop-route-planner

10 reasons why web route planners beat native smartphone apps

When providing field reps with software for route-planning, one important question needs to be answered: Which devices will we support? There are many options: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone. Should we also support notebooks and desktop-PCs running Windows, Mac OS or Linux? Each device needs its own app. Each operating system a different software. And what if this needs to be changed in the future?

Make your life easier and stay flexible by choosing a web-based application! This article shows 10 reasons why a modern web-based route-planner outperforms platform-specific apps and Windows software.

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