Would you like your field sales to optimize their routes and spend less time on planning? Do you lack an overview of the comings and goings of your field sales? Are you longing for more structure?

If so, then we have the solution for you. Our route planning software portatour® helps your team find the right customers at any time with the push of a button. As a result, it optimizes driving routes and keeps the time spent on planning to a minimum. Sounds good? Continue reading to discover all 10 reasons why portatour® is a must for your field sales.

portatour® comes with automatic route planning to increase the efficiency of your field sales

Say goodbye to long, unprofitable trips and wasted time spent on route planning. With portatour®, your field sales team conveniently visits customers at just the right time, all the while driving the shortest possible distances. Here are 3 ways portatour® helps increase efficiency:

  1. The automatic route planning feature in portatour® generates routes to customers in a matter of seconds. As a result, you can reduce the time spent on planning by up to 75% and focus more on customer calls.
  2. portatour® not only identifies the right customers, but also optimizes driving routes. It lets you reduce the mileage of each field representative by up to 15% and reduce the costs associated with driving. Bye bye, long-distance trips!
  3. If an appointment is canceled or takes less time than expected, nearby customers are suggested with the push of a button. Thanks to this feature, your field sales team can make up to 25% more customer calls.

Want to know the exact amounts? Calculate your benefits with portatour®!

portatour® makes life easy for field representatives

Would you like to help your field representatives keep track of their territories and quickly react to unexpected changes? With portatour®, your team will benefit from a tool that makes their everyday tasks a whole lot easier:

  1. The logging of customer calls is rarely one of the favorite duties of field representatives. portatour® greatly facilitates this administrative task. With a smartphone or tablet, every call can be logged both quickly and easily. This saves your team a tremendous amount of time, not to mention stress!
  2. Last-minute cancellations, unexpected traffic jams, urgent customer requests…things can quickly get complicated for your field sales team. With portatour®, appointments can be rescheduled with the click of a button, allowing your team to conveniently handle unforeseen events without frustration or hassle.

Excellent overview thanks to structured call reports and KPIs updated daily

portatour® comes with a personalized reporting feature that allows your field representatives to record the most important information after each customer call with just a few clicks. This feature provides you with detailed reports and key figures to help you develop your sales strategies:

  1. With the portatour® report, up-to-date figures such as average customer calls per day, customer due dates, and “feasibility studies” for territories are available at the click of a button. This report keeps you updated at all times, and enables you to offer your field sales team the best possible assistance with the implementation of your strategy.
  2. With portatour®, your reporting can be quickly customized with up to 100 custom fields for various types of data. Instead of writing a novel, your field representatives will simply fill in a few fields, and you will obtain data that is both concrete and easy to analyze.
  3. Are your call intervals (based on an ABC analysis) realistic, and compatible with the acquisition of new customers? With the portatour® report, you can check at any time whether your defined goals and territory structure are feasible. This will subsequently help you ensure that your field representatives are not overextended.

Quick setup and expert support from the portatour® team

In addition to the many advantages offered by portatour®, the software is also backed by our team of experts who actively support you during setup and even remain available for assistance afterwards:

  1. Thanks to our tried-and-true implementation process, getting started with portatour® takes a few short weeks. We provide you with comprehensive workshops to develop your strategy and best meet your requirements.
  2. We take a long-term approach to our collaboration. Our team therefore continues to accompany you after the successful implementation of the software, offering quick and effective support.

Ready to leave the above-mentioned problems behind you? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. portatour® has already optimized the everyday tasks of the field sales of thousands of companies. Find out more in our customer success stories.

Are you ready to make your field sales more efficient? Our sales team will be happy to introduce you to the most important features of portatour® during a free online demo. Simply send us the desired date by email, or sign up for a free portatour® trial and see for yourself!

Stop wasting time and money, increase your sales opportunities.

*Full version. No credit card required. Automatic termination.

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