This is how we help you getting on the road with optimized routes. We don't leave you alone when problems block your way.

24/7 Online-support

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Training videos
Lean back and learn: Multiple videos show you step by step how to use portatour®.

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PDF manuals
You have access to detailed manuals for users and administrators, as PDF files, for each of our product variants, ready to download and print. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions help you to learn about the full possibilities of portatour®.

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Blog with news
We are constantly enhancing portatour®. Through our blog, you will be informed about all the new features and will receive valuable instructions on how to benefit from them. Tip: subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog.

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Online help
A context-sensitive online help is available for each function within the portatour® app. You do not have to search in the manual – when you need help, just click the „?“-symbol.

Customer experience

Severin Bolliger<br/> Data Analyst, Sellout Marketing

Another aspect of portatour® that we really liked was the rapid support. You receive a quick and helpful reply.

Severin Bolliger
Data Analyst, Sellout Marketing

Personal email support

Our experienced support team loves to help you personally via email:

  • If you have questions or problems, write to .
  • A reply will follow quickly during workdays – normally within 24 hours.
  • When required by our support team, we will call you back or access your device via TeamViewer "remote desktop".

Free requests

  • You have two free support requests per license.
  • Example: a company with 10 field rep licenses has 20 free support requests.
  • Please understand why our free support is limited. Customers needing only little support benefit – they do not have to pay license fees for unnecessary support they don't consume.

Paid requests

  • When running out of free support requests, we inform you.
  • A support request is billed   per request.
  • Alternatively you can order a package of 10 requests for  .

Support terms

  • Multiple questions can be asked in one support request.
  • Support requests caused by program errors of portatour® are neither counted nor billed.
  • Requests are not tied to field reps but can be consumed by any of your employees – for example by the internal IT helpdesk.

Customer experience

Rodney Macnamara, <br>Managing Director Salon Business Kao Australia

The support was fantastic, despite the geographical distance. Emails to the help desk were replied to by the next day, solving any issue we had.

Kao Australia
Rodney Macnamara,
Managing Director Salon Business Kao Australia

Exclusive workshops and training sessions

With paid workshops and training sessions we help you achieve a quick and successful portatour® rollout. You will be driving on optimized routes in no time.

Benefit from the experience we gain in over 100 successful rollouts each year.

Both small and large corporations profit from our workshops and training sessions.

We conduct the session exclusively for you according to your situation and requirements. Your team members conveniently attend online by joining a TeamViewer conference.

Currently these three workshops and training sessions are offered:

Customer experience

Jörg Heinser, <br/>Sales and Marketing Director

portatour® était immédiatement disponible. Lors des questions, le support portatour® a incroyablement vite réagi.

KS Medizintechnik
Jörg Heinser,
Sales and Marketing Director