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The future of sales force optimization is dynamic

User friendly, powerful in the implementation, impressive results. Convince yourself today of portatour® Territory Optimization.

What is sales territory mapping?

The planning and ongoing optimization of sales territories is an essential aspect of any sales force strategy. It is the process of optimally distributing customers, leads and workload across your field sales team in order to exploit your full sales potential.

An efficient strategy takes into account the following basic pillars, among others:

Reduction of driving time and mileage Reduction of employee workload Increase in the number of customer visits Adherence to call intervals

That’s how easy sales territory mapping is with portatour® Territory Optimization

You start with your current initial situation and portatour® guides you step by step and in a few moments to an optimization result.

Your initial situation

Visualize the customer of your field rep on the map and view all relevant information in the detailed view.

Your optimization settings

In the next steps, you can optionally carry out manual adjustments or optimization settings per field rep.

Your optimization result

In just a few moments portatour® Territory Optimization calculates your optimization result. Visualize it on the map, in the detailed view.

7 prioritization levels

With the help of several prioritization levels, you can choose between the lowest total travel time or a balanced workload. These planning games affect the number of visits per week, the weekly driving time and other important planning factors.

See for yourself:

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Why should modern sales territory mapping be dynamic?

Optimal territory allocation is not a one-off, but a continuous process. There are too many changes and events that require a new optimization of sales territories.

Use cases of dynamic sales territory mapping

Employee resigns

Changed working hours

Prolonged absence

Seasonal need for optimization

Changed customer universe

Entry into new markets

Test different scenarios in a matter of seconds

SaaS benefits
  • ready to start immediately
  • on any device with a web browser
  • internal time saving

With the SaaS power of portatour® you can test different scenarios within seconds - without installation and without updates. This allows you to easily share your optimization suggestions with your team.

In the results, we point out how much different areas deteriorate or improve. Keep in mind that even supposedly small optimization potentials of 1-2% have an enormous impact on your sales success. With sales force costs of around €10 million per year, 1% improvement through portatour® Territory Optimization can already bring €100,000.

The optimization result itself can of course be edited by you.

Why do our customers choose sales territory mapping with portatour®?

Calculation in seconds

portatour® Territory Optimization is the most dynamic solution on the market, thanks to SaaS power.

Forward-looking planning

Test your planning ideas before you implement them.

Planning is teamwork

Several people can plan. Team leaders use our intuitive solution to optimally allocate territories for vacation.

Route instead of beeline

Our data is based on actual driving distances - not on beeline or clustering.

Consideration of your key figures

Our solution takes into account up to 10 of your key figures . This gives you maximum flexibility and a powerful optimization tool (" divide territories by turnover" and much more).

Always a solution

portatour® always provides you with a result. If, for example, you enter contradictory scheduling parameters, we will still show you the best possible scenario based on your entries.

The sales territory mapping of portatour® in direct comparison

portatour® Territory Optimization changes your field sales force through dynamic territory optimization in a unique way. See for yourself and discover the numerous advantages of portatour® Territory Optimization in direct comparison with the competition.

Detailed explanations, features and tips can be found in our Helpcenter.

Optimizing our territories with portatour® this year was a major team success that we love to talk about.

portatour® Territory Optimization is so easy to use. Our field sales team is doing really well with the optimized sales territories.

Michael Mues
Sales Manager, Medela

portatour® Territory Optimization license models

If you have a team of at least 2 field reps, portatour® Territory Optimization is for you. Choose from 3 different billing intervals tailored to your needs.

3 Months

Ideal for short-term projects or rapid responses to unexpected changes.

12 Months

Ideal for continuous optimization and sales growth, and responding flexibly to market changes.

Arrange individual demo

Our team will be happy to show you the features of portatour® Territory Optimization – specifically tailored to your requirements.

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Territory optimization and route planning from a single source

The future of sales optimization is dynamic territory planning combined with state-of-the-art route planning. That’s why portatour® Route Planner supports you with automatic route planning to boost your field sales performance. Over 1,500 customers are already convinced. Discover the benefits and test our route planning solution now, free of charge.

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