Change Management

The change management process for implementing new route planning software can vary depending on the size of the organization, the complexity of the interconnections to other systems such as CRM or ERP and the extent of the changes required. However, there are some general steps that are typically included in the change management process for the implementation.

Change Management essentials

Planning and Preparation: This involves identifying the current status quo, the need for change, assessing the potential impact of the change, and developing a plan for managing the change. This may involve conducting a needs assessment, defining the relevant key performance indicators, developing a project plan, and identifying the resources needed to implement the new route planning software. It is also important to define parameters for the success of the project. For example, reducing the percentage of overdue customers or increasing the number of visits per day.

Communication: It is essential to communicate the changes to all stakeholders in advance, including affected employees, to ensure that that they are aware of the changes and the reasons for the change.

Testing: Before implementing new route planning software, it is important to test it thoroughly to identify any potential challenges and necessary process adjustments. Some of our customers conduct a three-month pilot project with portatour®.

Monitoring and Evaluation: It is important to monitor the performance of the new route planning software during a pilot project and after implementation to ensure that it meets the organization’s needs. This may include regular audits, collecting user feedback, or tracking key performance indicators.

Implementation: Once testing is complete, the new route planning software can be implemented. It is important to carefully monitor this process to ensure that any potential issues are addressed immediately.

Training: To ensure that employees can effectively use the new route planning software, it is important to provide appropriate training. This may involve developing in-house training materials, providing one-on-one training, or conducting group training sessions.

Overall, effective change management when implementing new software requires careful planning, a clear definition of success factors, effective communication, appropriate training, thorough testing, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation. By following these principles, organizations can ensure a smooth transition to new software and maximize the benefits of the change.

How to help employees adjust to new route planning software

  1. Explain the benefits : Employees may be resistant to change, so it is important to clearly explain the benefits of the new route planning tool. Emphasize how the new tool will help them work more efficiently, save planning time, and improve overall productivity and sales while spending less time on the road.
  2. Offer training: Some employees may feel intimidated by new software tools, so offer them training sessions. Our Help Center provides comprehensive support. You can create additional training materials, tutorials, or organize workshops to help them become familiar with the new tools. Be patient and give them time to practice and ask questions. To support you, portatour® offers Q&A sessions, workshops and many other training courses.
  3. Use simple language: Technical jargon can be overwhelming, especially for less tech-savvy employees. To avoid confusion, use simple language, and provide step-by-step instructions. Break down complex tasks into manageable chunks and avoid using acronyms.
  4. Highlight success stories: Share success stories from other employees or colleagues who have used the new route planner and experienced positive results. This can help build trust, confidence, and enthusiasm for the new tool.
  5. Listen to feedback: Employees may have valuable feedback or concerns about the new software tool. Listen to their feedback, take their concerns seriously, and address any issues that arise. This will help build trust and encourage them to adopt the route planning software.

By following these steps, you can help employees understand the need for new route planning tools and encourage them to embrace change.


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