We are proud to announce that portatour® is now the first and only app combining live traffic with historical traffic data for multi-stop schedule calculation and route optimization for field reps! This feature has been highly requested and now many companies and reps are already benefitting from it.

Why is live traffic route optimization a game changer?

portatour® has already been leading the market with fully automated route-planning based on historical traffic data. Now, real-time traffic has also been incorporated into our intelligent algorithm to guide you towards customers and away from traffic jams.

How so?

  • Image you are already having a busy day and on top of that, there’s a major traffic jam in the city.
  • Rather than getting stuck, you cleverly check your portatour® schedule before starting the engine: you now are informed about the traffic conditions for the day.
  • With one click and within seconds, the portatour® route-planner not only takes into consideration fixed appointments and includes due customers in your schedule, but also optimizes your sales route according to the current traffic.
  • Therefore, a customer who is due for a visit but currently blocked by heavy traffic will be postponed to a later point today or even tomorrow, whereas another due customer that you can reach more quickly will be prioritized instead.

This means, even more dynamicity, more precision, and a consequent more impressive sales performance increase!

How to get started with live traffic route optimization?

Easy! Sign up for your free 30-day trial of portatour® and make the most out of the portatour® high-performance algorithm. A typical portatour® user optimizes their routes on average twice a day, making it possible to achieve a +25% increase in customer calls. Learn from the professionals and start optimizing your routes today.

Stop wasting time and money, increase your sales opportunities.

*Full version. No credit card required. Automatic termination.

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