In order to calculate better and more realistic routes for you, portatour® uses historical traffic data as the basis for its optimization algorithm. Millions of drivers have collected data that shows how quick one really travels on which street. Read more to find out why this helps you to visit more customers and spend less time on the road.

“Historical traffic data” are speed data collected by navigation system and mobile phone providers through measuring the travel data of millions of drivers and providing them to us for the respective road sections in the form of a big data base, which portatour® uses for route optimization.

The use of genuine traffic flow data offers decisive advantages compared to route planners that merely use the theoretically allowed speed per road type:

  • The journey time between customers can be estimated even more accurately.
  • This provides you with better journey time predictions and realistic route schedules that actually live up to practice.
  • Roads which allow only slow speeds are already in advance avoided from the automatic planning. Thus, you save travel time.

Furthermore, portatour® allows the calculation of your routes according to your personal driving style. E.g. you define if you travel faster than the average driver on the motorway or if you use a van in urban areas and thus generally need more time for your routes.

And the best: We regularly update the map material and traffic flow data – without extra cost or effort for you!

Interested? Then try portatour® now! Request a free trial account and experience the advantages of automatic route planning for 30 days.

Stop wasting time and money, increase your sales opportunities.

*Full version. No credit card required. Automatic termination.

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