Strategic sales territory optimization in the field at the push of a button

portatour® Territory Optimization is here! This add-on feature is designed to automatically optimize territories for your field sales force.

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Territory planning with portatour® Territory Optimization

Our algorithm takes your individual parameters into account and calculates an optimal customer allocation at the push of a button:

portatour® Territory Optimization allows you to calculate different scenarios. This allows you to perform "what-if" analyses based on your individual objectives, all within minutes.

The advantages of territory optimization with portatour®

An effective territory planning strategy helps you realize your full sales potential and offers you the following benefits:

  • Reduction of driving time and mileage
  • Reduction of employee workload
  • Increase in the number of customer visits
  • Adherence to call intervals

Why regular sales territory optimization is fundamental

Access up-to-date customer information from all your devices

Optimal territory planning is not a one-time process, as there are too many factors to consider. Business goals may change, sales representatives may join or leave the team, your customer base may vary.

This dynamic shows that territory optimization is not a one-off process, but rather that it should be carried out on a regular basis. This allows you to respond optimally to challenges and seize opportunities immediately.

Unique selling points of portatour® Territory Optimization


  • Prioritization of driving reduction vs. workload balance
  • Configurable specific customer assignment restrictions


  • Fast calculation through high performance server
  • Little training required thanks to intuitive user interface
  • "Software as a Service" – in the web browser, without installation


  • Calculation with real driving distances – i.e. no beelines estimations
  • Consideration of the traffic situation during working hours
  • Individual working / opening hours and overnight stay on the way

Field sales teams without optimized territories

An inadequate territory planning strategy leads to unnecessary milage and higher fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

In addition, there may be uneven workloads within the sales team. These factors not only affect sales success, but also the satisfaction of your employees.

Increase your sales performance now with our solution for territory planning and optimization.

portatour® Territory Optimization is currently available as an add-on feature to portatour® Route Planner and costs 35 € additionally per rep and month with annual payment.

Your sales team is still not using fully automated route planning ? Learn all about your advantages with the portatour® Route Planner.

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