As a sales professional, you know how important customer prioritization is. Read here how easy it is to classify A, B or C customers in portatour® Route Planner. Once the prioritization has been clarified, however, further selection criteria are often necessary in order to optimize route planning in the best possible way. portatour® Route Planner currently offers you a total of 250 user-defined fields.

Individual tour planning with portatour®

In addition to the already mentioned customer prioritization, this gives you countless options for adapting your schedule to your requirements. The freely customizable contents of the custom fields can be filtered individually or combined with each other as desired. This makes your tour planning as individual as you want it to be. Thanks to the numerous filter options, you can adapt your schedules to your needs and make optimum use of your sales territory.

Let’s take a practical example from the everyday life of a satisfied portatour® user who would like to visit his customers by industry. To do this, he creates a new custom field and optionally equips it with a drop-down menu. In this menu, he simply writes the industries in question and can add, e.g., a suitable emoji as desired. For example, if you only want to visit carpenters who are located in a certain district, have A customer status and only buy a special wood stain product line, then the custom fields are a real game changer for your route planning.

Unlimited possibilities thanks to portatour®

Typical and frequently required fields include, for example:

    • ABC customer categorization
    • Sales overview
    • Further contact details
    • CRM
    • Customer website
    • Customer number
    • Industries
    • Product specializations

Whether it’s a Christmas tour, industry visit or product launch: these filter options give you almost unlimited possibilities to customize your schedule like never before. Ready for your own personal visit plan? Get started right away and test portatour® Route Planner 30 days for free.

Stop wasting time and money, increase your sales opportunities.

*Full version. No credit card required. Automatic termination.

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