The use of effective tools is essential to success of your business. Inefficiency can bring major consequences of low sales and high costs, negatively impacting your bottom line. As you set up a route with multiple stops it is vital to have proper planning, skilled time management, and the best tools to arrive at each destination in a timely fashion.

There is a wide variety of multiple-stop route planner apps, which are capable of fulfilling the needs of your business. Each app will help you design the most efficient route for a specific situation between multiple destinations considering your goals, destinations, and planning restrictions. Whatever option you choose should match your requirements, be easy to implement, and provide the specific requirements essential for your success.

What is a multi-stop route planner?

A multiple-stop route planner is a tool that will determine the best and most strategic course for someone to visit multiple locations. Planning a logical order to the stops can maximize the opportunity to make sales or complete tasks in an efficient way. New software options collect and analyze data you enter, providing the best choices for the most productive itinerary.

Finding the best multiple-stop route planner app provides benefits that are two-fold. The first advantage allows employees to quickly arrive at business locations which results in increased productivity and happy customers. Enhanced customer satisfaction improves your business by providing long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

The second business-related benefit is the lower operating costs and employee satisfaction. Finding the best routes will decrease fuel consumption, deliver more products or services, and save time. Your employees will experience improved working conditions including work-life balance with better schedules and less overtime.

What to look for in a multi-stop route planner app

The most common multiple route planner people count on is Google Maps because it’s free, easy to use, and reliable. The problem with this program is it does not meet the needs of professional delivery drivers and salespeople. It lacks features that are vital such as visualization functions, tracking important customers, and the ability to set regular routine routes.

There are many multiple stop route planner options available and it is important to research the best application for your business or personal needs. Your specific requirements will depend on your industry demands and customer preferences as you plot the most effective routes and finish trips in a timely manner. You will need to have multiple capabilities of real-time traffic data, GPS, connecting with your CRM, and other vital features for your sales and delivery teams.

Top 6 multi-stop route planner apps by category

1. portatour® for field sales representatives

Give this state-of-the-art automatic route planning tool a try with our 30-day free trial. Our app has the capacity to schedule and optimize your route with up to 125 stops in one fell swoop. All you need is your web browser to create your account, add addresses, and start driving.

portatour® integrates with any CRM system for a smooth transition using existing clients, addresses, and appointments. It provides the benefit of automatically suggesting surrounding customers on your route for empty calendar space. This offers tremendous advantages, saves time, and improves customer satisfaction.

As automatic multi stop route planner our app offers the possibility of automatic selection of addresses/customers for your route. Thereby scheduling high-priority customers more often. individualized capabilities such as scheduling high-priority customers more often and mapping their locations into specific categories. You are able to color code and apply various classifications for an overall view of your route. Some other benefits include the incorporation of clients’ business hours, holidays, and any other preferences into your multi stop route to ensure the best customer service available.

More information about the portatour® multi-stop route planner app here.

  • Best Route Planner App for: Field Sales Reps
  • Top Features: Multi-week planning, (re)schedule at the push of a button, visit intervals, up to 1000 addresses, appointment integration, automated suggestion of which addresses best to visit on which day and in which order
  • Available on: Web, Desktop, Android, iOS
  • Price: Starting at $59.95 per month per user (Free 30-day trial)

2. Fast Lean Smart FLS for service technicians

FLS has an understanding of your customer needs and connects the field for service technicians from start to finish using tools to simplify the process. Customer satisfaction is reached as they ensure all goods, staff, and materials are delivered on time to the right place. The simplification of this system by comprehensive planning requires your business to use fewer dispatchers while saving overall costs with delivery or services.

  • Best Route Planner App for: Service Technicians
  • Top Features: Uses poweropt algorithms, CRM integration, real-time route planning, and schedule adjustments
  • Available on: Web, iOS, Android
  • Price: Contact for pricing

3. Opheo Solutions for truck route planning

The software developed by Opheo has superior planning technology to assist you in setting the best routes for delivery trucks. It will calculate the optimal course while considering multiple factors such as cargo capacities, the weight, volume of an order, distance, and drive time.

These components are used to provide the best routes to save fuel costs, meet customers’ needs, and save time when delivering cargo. Opheo provides shipment tracking, ETA monitoring, and delivery notices. These services result in greater business efficiency, optimizing costs, and an increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Best Route Planner App for: Truck Route Planning
  • Top Features: Software that acts like a transport control center, uses a logistic program to enable the user to plan and monitor daily transports, automates truck dispatches
  • Available on: Websites
  • Price: Contact for pricing

4. Staedtler Logistics for truck logistics planning

Staedtler Logistics uses software called Trampas for routing and scheduling truck routes. This flexible program configures schedules with difficult requirements including loading, client specifications, and container management. It provides an optimum route and schedule while considering key factors for the trip.

Using Staedtler Logistics provides many advantages such as reduced costs while improving delivery quality and customer satisfaction. A fascinating option is using their scenario technology to simulate your ideas for optimal planning.

  • Best Route Planner for: Truck Logistics Planning
  • Top Features: Allows for manual changes for quick and flexible variations, toll calculations, load capacities and specifications, updates on regional restrictions, vehicle fleet management
  • Available: Web, Desktop
  • Price: Contact for pricing

5. Route XL for delivery routing (pizza delivery, parcel delivery)

Route XL finds the best route for deliveries and pick-ups. The multi-stop route planner receives regular updates which have added multiple benefits and features. This site promotes the ease of optimizing routes while saving time and fuel and minimizing costs and emissions.

This program is user-friendly, cost-effective, and offers functionality that most local delivery companies will appreciate.

  • Best Route Planner App for: Delivery Routing (Pizza delivery, Parcel Delivery)
  • Top Features: User and customer-friendly, cost-effective, routes can be added to email and social media, paid plans have geocoding services
  • Available on: Website, Android, iOS
  • Price: Three pricing packages are available plus subscription options. Route XL20 is free, Route XL100 starts around $5/day or about $40/mo (100 stops/day, unlimited routes), Route XL200 is around $11/day or $79/mo (200 stops/day, unlimited routes).

6. Roadtrippers for leisure travel

Roadtrippers is a web-based software application that helps customers plan routes for travel, weekend escapes, and road trips. This app was established in 2011 and the headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their website is full of travel-related content and helpful information to discover sites that are on or off the beaten path in the United States.

Plan out an entire trip from a starting location to your final destination and discover new and exciting experiences while getting from point A to point B. Using their database provides fascinating and unusual places to visit along the established route making your vacation fun and unique. It suggests the fastest and most economical routes saving fuel costs and precious time.

  • Best Route Planner for: Leisure Travel
  • Top Features: Partnership discounts, RV routes, capable of adding 150 stops for one vacation, ability to collaborate with friends or family
  • Available on: Website, Android, iOS
  • Price: Free for minimal planning capabilities. A Roadtrippers Plus Subscription is $29.99/year.

Choose the multi stop route planner app that fits your needs

As you can see, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to setting up and scheduling routes. Whether you’re putting together a routine for one of your service technicians or planning a delivery truck route, there’s a multi-stop planner that is designed to accommodate your requirements.

Sales and customer satisfaction and more can be boosted when you take the time to research the right tools for your business. Begin your free 30-day trial today and see what makes portatour® the best multi-stop route planner app for your sales team!

Stop wasting time and money, increase your sales opportunities.

*Full version. No credit card required. Automatic termination.

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