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portatour® ends 2022 with a bang: portatour® Territory Optimization has finally arrived. This new add-on feature has been developed for efficient and successful sales territory mapping. Find out why you should invest in territory planning and why portatour® Territory Optimization is the ultimate performance booster and resource optimization tool for your sales team.

What is sales territory optimization?

Territory planning should be a fundamental aspect of every field sales strategy. It’s the process of allocating customers, leads and workload across your field sales team members in an optimal way to achieve the best possible results.

An effective sales territory optimization strategy lays the ground for success in the field to:

  • Maximize customer visits across the whole team.
  • Lower fleet costs and mileage.
  • Achieve sustainability through reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Maintain a happy sales team, where workload is fairly distributed.

However, getting territory mapping right is not an easy task because many factors and variables have to be considered: geography, traffic information, ever-changing strategic business goals as well as customer base fluctuations and sales team turnover. A change in one of these variables can have a considerable impact on the whole optimization strategy and its potential outcomes.

Obviously, sales territory planning has huge potential benefits for your sales team. However, it needs to be done precisely and should be put under constant reassessment. This is where technology and intelligent software come into play, turning challenges into opportunities.

Why should you use portatour® for territory mapping and route planning?

So far, portatour® Route Planner has supported your efficient field sales optimization on an operational level: At the push of a button, your sales reps get intelligent route suggestions, calculated by our algorithm to make the most out of their own territories and prioritization parameters.

In addition, portatour® Territory Optimization provides you now with best-of-breed resource optimization on a strategic level too. This add-on feature creates well-dimensioned sales territories and optimally distributes customers across the field team to maximize visits and cut down windshield time. Further advanced parameters are taken into the calculation as well: customers’ call intervals and opening hours, your sales team’s home locations and overnight stay preferences, etc. This will get you up to 13% additional optimization in your field sales activities.

portatour® Territory Optimization is a precise and adjustable solution. Here is why in a nutshell:

  • It is an add-on feature to your portatour® account, so it is easy to get started.
  • It is a user-friendly and performing solution.
  • It is precise and uses actual traffic data.
  • It takes into account specific customer information (call intervals, business hours).
  • It considers individual reps’ preferences (working hours, overnight stays).
  • It allows you to prioritize according to mileage reduction or to workload balance.
  • You can re-optimize anytime and play the “what-if” game with different parameters before committing to an optimization strategy.

Therefore, it is an added value to your existing portatour® account, boosting sales performance and resource optimization even more.

Boost your performance in the field

With portatour® Route Planner + Territory Optimization you will have the ultimate bundle for success and optimization for your sales team at your disposal. You will be able to create the right optimization strategy for your team, and at the same time, you will empower them to execute it easily.

Do want to learn more about territory planning with portatour®? Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and get your territory optimization journey started.

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