Efficient sales territory planning is as much a part of a sales manager’s life as the air he breathes. The process of territory planning and optimization has often proven to be tedious and time-consuming. Thanks to portatour® Territory Optimization, these things are yesterday’s news. Conventional territory planning is a thing of the past and now you can easily see for yourself. We will show you the most important features of our automated territory planning and compare portatour® Territory Optimization directly with our competitors.

Efficiency through innovation

Friedrich Schiller once said: “Go with the times or be gone in no time.” The quote may seem drastic, but there is some truth in it. With portatour® Territory Optimization, you have a tool at hand that works with the latest technology and accompanies your everyday life on the way to the future. Territory planning with portatour® Territory Optimization has many advantages, some of which we would like to present to you.

Speed saves time

portatour® Territory Optimization imports and geocodes, for example, 20,000 new addresses in about 30 seconds. Conventional territory planning programs often take 15 minutes or longer for the same task. The power of portatour® Territory Optimization is even more noticeable when optimizing existing sales territories. Optimizations that often take a whole hour are completed in 1-5 minutes – and with up to 7 proposed solutions from which you can freely choose.


Accuracy brings efficiency

In contrast to many other providers, portatour®’s territory planning software works with real driving routes and times. Instead of calculating purely aerial routes, you receive optimized planning of your sales territories based on the real road network. Historical driving speeds per road section are taken into account to achieve the most precise results possible for your territory planning. Changes in the road network can also become a problem, which is why the road maps including speed data are updated quarterly.

Usability is easy on the nerves

Since portatour® Territory Optimization is designed as Software as a Service (SaaS), you save yourself the effort of local installation and dependence on an IT department. Your territory planning is neither affected by limitations concerning your operating system nor restricted by the performance of your PC. With SaaS, there is no need for storage and you benefit from the high speed of the portatour® servers. The high level of user-friendliness and the simple step-by-step wizard are easy on your nerves and those of your employees. This makes implementation child’s play.

The comparison makes you safe

And these are just three of a comprehensive list of advantages that speak for themselves in a direct comparison with our competitors’ products. See for yourself and take a look at our comparison page.

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