great MapPoint alternative: portatour

Great Microsoft MapPoint Alternative: portatour®

Microsoft MapPoint will be discontinued by 31st December 2014. Looking for a better alternative? Then consider the online route-planner portatour®portatour® supports showing addresses on a map and many more functions for route planning and route optimization. It is especially useful for professional sales reps working in outside sales, support and service. Read on to learn about essential features and tips for switching.

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security safety data center

How your data is on the safe side at portatour®

Do you wonder how safe your customer data is managed on the portatour® servers? The portatour® team dares to claim: “Probably safer than on the servers of many of our clients!”. A multitude of measures are in place to protect your data as much as possible. Read on to find out what we do to fulfill high requirements on data security and safety.

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data center

Route-planning as Software-as-a-Service in the cloud or as self-hosted cost explosion?

You want a professional route planning solution and face the decision to either install&maintain it yourself or access it as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) solution in the cloud? Hosting software yourself opens a can of worms: many decisions, investments, maintenance, and costs follow that are hard to estimate. This article covers what work a route-planning SaaS provider does for you, saving you costs and nerves.

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We Give Good Ideas

12 tips for successfully deploying route-planning software to your field reps

Do you have field representatives in sales, consulting or service in your enterprise? Do you want to deploy route-planning software to improve your field-sales performance? A 25% efficiency boost is possible — but to reap the fruits, you have to deploy successfully. No matter how good the software is, during deployment it matters more what you do right (or wrong). So follow these 12 tips we have learned from over 100 successful enterprise rollouts of the route-planning software portatour® every year. Continue reading

portatour® route-planner now available as app for Android

Everyone with an Android smartphone or tablet, listen up: starting now, you can use portatour® as Android-App.

portatour® is the personal route-planner for field sales reps, consultants, and service team members. Routes to customers are automatically scheduled and the route is optimized. Drive up to 25% fewer miles, visit more customers.

Suited for independent sales reps and corporations of any size. Used successfully by thousands all over the world – Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, and the Würth Group are just a few of the happy portatour® users.

Start today and download the portatour® route-planner from the Google Play Store. Requires Android Version 4 or higher.

portatour Anywhere - Android App

Install the app and get started with a free 30-day trial using the full functionality. Import up to 3000 customers directly from your Android address-book or from an Excel spreadsheet and start route planning.

Note: portatour® is a web-app and requires an active data connection. Your information will be synchronized with the portatour® cloud – you can access the portatour® route planner from PC, Mac, notebook, tablet, and smartphone, too.

Whether you want to visit more customers, increase your revenue, or save miles: use portatour® for route planning to reach your goals.

More information about portatour® at .

Three cheers – for here is the portatour® video!

In the last years, people have been asking, whether we have a short and spicy video explaining portatour®. We listened and decided to fulfill this wish. Planning and production started six months ago and took some time.

Tradition goes that wishes are fulfilled on Christmas. So we are very happy to present you the result – the portatour® explanation video:

Do you like portatour®? Then get a free trial license here!

Do you have friends or acquaintances who are working in field sales or service? Send them the link to the video. Your friends will save a lot of time and money for route-planning.

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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How much does my field force cost and can good route-planning reduce it?

Employees in the field are important for companies – and expensive. Field sales can account for costs of up to 30 percent of a company’s total sales, according to a study by Homburg & Partner.

It is admittedly difficult to calculate all accrued expenses for the sales force – indirect costs especially are often forgotten or underestimated. We have compiled a list of typical cost factors in the field. Wherever high costs are incurred, it makes sense to think about optimization. Just with good route-planning alone, you can increase your profit margin by 54% or more, according to a study bythe VTH.

We have created a cost calculator for field forces, with which you can calculate the direct costs of your sales team and the possible potential savings with optimized route planning.

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portatour für Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobil offline

Route planning for field reps is best when it’s mobile and always up to date

Are you a field rep? How much of your precious time are you at the customer and how much do you spend driving your car? We bet that many field reps, sales-reps, and service technicians out there are spending more time in the car than at the customer.

portatour® – the personal route planner for field reps – gives you more time at the customer and less miles to drive. It does this by planning optimized routes. You can plan schedules at home and update them on the road. Unforeseen appointments happen and not updating your plans will let you miss customers and waste time. Read on to learn how life as a sales rep can be with portatour®, when pressing a button provides you with a plan that lets you get the most out of each day.

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portatour - your personal sales-route planner

Welcome to the portatour® news blog

Are you interested in route-planning for field reps and optimizing field sales? So are we! That is why we now start the portatour® news blog

We, the portatour® team, will share information about our personal sales-route planning software portatour®, details on new features, tips&tricks about sales-route planning and what nifty ways portatour® uses to optimize sales routes. Feel free to share our posts to friends&colleages and your social networks, subscribe to our RSS feed, and contact us if you have any questions.

We wish you a good drive on optimized sales routes!