Territory planning with portatour®

Your sales team needs well-dimensioned territories to get best possible results. However, territory mapping is not an easy task. There are many strategies and tools that you can use to achieve it.

portatour® Route Planner + Territory Optimization offers you a unique opportunity: a high-performing, user-friendly territory mapping solution specifically designed for field sales, that comes with cutting edge automated route planning. You will not only be able to generate an efficient territory strategy, but you will also provide your team with a tool to execute it effectively by using automated route planning.

Optimize your sales territories with portatour®

Territory optimization plays a fundamental role in field sales strategy. Allocating customers, leads and workload across a sales team in an optimal way is the key to achieve the best possible results and improve performance.

With an effective and efficient sales territory planning strategy you can enhance your sales performance, contain fleet costs, while maintaining a happy sales team. You can achieve:

  • 15% higher revenue
  • 15% windshield time reduction
  • More balanced workload

Territory mapping is a complex task that must be done efficiently and effectively. There are many factors to consider, and you also need to be able to adapt and react to possible changes in strategy or team. Your customer base might be constantly changing, your business targets may be shifting with the introduction of new products or seasonal campaigns, team members may be leaving or changing their home location, whereas new ones might be joining, etc.

sales territory optimization with portatour®Territory Optimization

In fact, territory optimization is not a one-off process. An efficient territory planning strategy enables a flexible adjustment of essential parameters in order to be able to react optimally to challenges.

portatour® + Territory Optimization is now available as an add-on to the existing portatour® Route Planner SaaS solution. Efficient, adjustable, and easy-to-handle territory mapping offers you the following advantages:

  • Thanks to an intuitive web app interface, it’s easy to get started.
  • Powerful SaaS technology assures fast calculation times.
  • Up to 7 different scenarios are generated simultaneously – for quick comparison of different optimization targets.
  • You can play the “what-if” game and see how different prioritization settings influence key metrics before implementing new territories.
  • For optimization, concrete driving routes are used on actual road data with realistic traffic speeds – no beeline estimates.
  • Home locations, working hours and rules for overnight stays away from home are considered.
  • Individual call intervals, call durations and opening hours of customers are included in the calculation.

    Empower your sales team to reach sales objective attainment with automatic route planning

    portatour® is the market leading route planner, trusted by thousands of sales reps for more than 10 years.

    What makes portatour® special is that it now also offers the territory optimization feature in addition to automatic route planning. With portatour® you will truly have the ultimate bundle for success and optimization for your sales team at your disposal.

    • With the new portatour® add-on Territory Optimization, you will centrally generate well-dimensioned sales territories.
    • These optimized territories will then serve as a starting point for your sales team. At the push of a button, portatour® creates optimized routes for them, selecting the right customer at the right moment, striving to include as many customer visits as possible, while at the same time reducing mileage intelligently. Your sales team will be able to react dynamically to unforeseen changes to their schedule and re-optimize their routes on the fly. Of course, additional parameters such as personal working hours, individual opening hours of customers, ABC prioritization etc. are also included in the calculation.


Thanks to portatour® automated and dynamic route planning, 25% more visits with 15% fewer miles are achievable.

Get your sales team the ultimate optimization bundle for field sales success

In short, your sales team will not only benefit from a qualitative and efficient territory mapping strategy with portatour® Territory Optimization, but also from automated route planning with portatour® Route Planner.

If you wish to learn more and see for yourself how territory optimization will be beneficial for your sales team, simply get in touch. You can schedule your demo here. Unveil the potential that territory optimization has in store for you!

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