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Children's cancer charity increases efficiency thanks to portatour®

Success Story

Monthly performance with portatour®

from the perspective of an aid organization

3 hours instead of 1 day for planning
100% Increase the distribution rate per employee
Jubilee Haberhauer

Thanks to portatour®, we have doubled our monthly coverage of distribution areas. This is a huge step forward for us.

Jubilee Haberhauer,
Association chairwoman and founder

About the children's cancer charity

The Children's Cancer Aid Association was founded by chairwoman Jubilee Haberhauer with the help of a few friends. Together, they support children with cancer and their families as a non-profit organization. This was triggered by a case of cancer in her immediate environment, which motivated the student to take this step despite her limited financial resources. Through targeted online advertising, the organization was able to grow quickly and spread its message. The organization relies on donations to provide quick and unbureaucratic support to families of children with cancer in exceptional situations.

The association was born from a small idea and now it has grown into something big. I hope that it will continue to grow and that we can help even more people.

Jubilee Haberhauer, Association chairwoman and founder

Why automated route planning?

Jubilee Haberhauer and her volunteers distribute information flyers to raise awareness of the association and generate donations. The approach is aimed primarily at older people who do not use digital platforms and social networks. "Originally, the routes for these distribution campaigns were planned manually using Google Maps, but this proved to be less efficient in the long run", explains Haberhauer. "The helpers were often on the road for much longer than planned, which meant we were ultimately able to distribute fewer flyers and had high fuel costs." To overcome these challenges, it quickly became clear that the use of automatic route planning would make sense. Haberhauer approached impactit GmbH and the company decided to support the children's cancer charity by providing portatour®.

Thanks to portatour®, we have doubled our monthly coverage of distribution areas. This is a huge step forward for us.

Jubilee Haberhauer, Association chairwoman and founder

Impressive increase in efficiency

The children's cancer charity uses portatour® to plan and optimize routes for volunteers who distribute flyers to pharmacies, bookshops, doctors' surgeries and other strategic locations throughout Austria. The employees now complete their routes in significantly less time. The distribution campaign in the province of Styria took two weeks before portatour® and can now be completed in three days, extending the reach and increasing the distribution cycles. By minimizing travel time and fuel consumption, the organization was able to reduce its costs and use the saved funds for other important activities and support for its clients. Jubilee Haberhauer comments: "The reduced travel times are less physically demanding than before for the volunteers, some of whom are elderly, which also has a positive effect on motivation and commitment." Another major advantage is that, thanks to portatour®, the association can cover twice as many locations within the same period without the need for additional resources.

Thanks to portatour®, motivation has increased because the volunteers are now only on the road for four hours instead of eight. That is a huge relief for everyone involved.

Jubilee Haberhauer, Association chairwoman and founder

Positive change thanks to portatour®

"Switching to portatour® was a real turning point for us," explains Jubilee Haberhauer. "Planning the tours used to take the whole day, now I can do it in two hours alone." After importing the addresses of the distribution locations into the software, the chairwoman reduces the time required to just a few seconds. "portatour® not only saves us time and money, it also enables us to reach more people and offer even better support to families in need." In this unique example, the introduction of portatour® has had a direct and profound impact on the association's processes.

Thanks to portatour®, we can optimize our routes and minimize travel time. This not only saves costs, but also enables us to reach and support more families.

Jubilee Haberhauer, Association chairwoman and founder

Help has many faces

Since optimizing its flyer distribution routes, the organization has been able to focus more on its core mission: supporting children with cancer and their families during difficult times. The use of portatour® illustrates how impressively the well thought-out use of technology can increase effectiveness and reach. Impactit GmbH supports the Children's Cancer Aid Association by providing portatour®. The voluntary aid organization is financed exclusively by donations. You can find more details and a donation account at

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