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Sinimplante and the portatour® route planner

22% sales growth, 15% increase in customer coverage and valuable insights through business intelligence

Success Story
Norbert Neundorf

We leveraged the power of portatour® to significantly increase our business success: We have seen a 22% growth in sales from reactivating inactive customers and 15% increase in customer coverage with portatour®.

Wanderley Costa, Commercial Director

About Sinimplante

S.I.N. Sistema de Implante Nacional S.A. (Sinimplante) is a Brazilian company specialized in solutions for the dental implant market. With extensive national coverage and an international presence, it has established itself as one of the largest companies in the field in Latin America. They develop, produce and sell dental implant systems following strict ethical principles.

Since 2003, the company has taken on the mission of developing and producing dental implants in Brazil using the world’s most sophisticated technologies. All products are developed and manufactured with visionary and innovative thinking based on scientific research. Sinimplante provides greater convenience and success to the daily lives of dental professionals and more confidence, self-esteem and joy to thousands of restored smiles.

Why automatic route planning?

Sinimplante is a growing company, but it faces the challenge of a large portfolio of customers throughout a wide geography. Before portatour®, field representatives had a hard time organizing their daily sales activities. They were unable to serve all customers and would fall into the trap of simply visiting the same customers over and over. The market intelligence department prepared a list of customers to be visited throughout the month and each representative received an Excel spreadsheet with the relevant sales history.

With only this data, the reps needed to prepare a weekly sales route, deciding which neighborhood or city to visit each day. That was an extremely time-consuming manual process. They usually spent half a day's work each week on this procedure. As a result, they drove excessively long routes, spending a lot of time in traffic, and still failed to reach their goal of reactivating inactive customers. On top of that, with the first important customer who requested immediate service, the plan for the whole week fell apart. portatour® was the route planning tool they were looking for to ensure optimal prioritization, call intervals and the necessary flexibility.

Implementation and support: user-friendly interface and quick deployment

Cristina Tosin's team evaluated several suppliers and decided on portatour® thanks to the dynamic routing capabilities and the possibility of establishing priorities within an extensive client portfolio.

Regardless of the route itself, we needed a system that would automatically select which customers to visit, taking into account priority and frequency of visits. This was the portatour® differentiator

Cristina TosinCristina Tosin,
Business Intelligence Manager

Initially, a pilot project was conducted with sales reps in two regions for three months. During this process, Sinimplante experienced the advantages of automated route optimization. Immediately afterwards, portatour® was rolled out during a sales kick-off event with the whole team.

At first, the sales reps were wary of an additional bureaucratic process. But in short order, feedback from their colleagues' success with portatour® in the field during the pilot project served as motivation. The sales force soon experienced the advantages of portatour® for themselves.

The pilot users increased their sales with portatour®. With their positive feedback, the team understood that the software was in place to help them and was not an extra layer of bureaucracy.

Stephany Silva Stephany Silva,
Sales Coordinator

The portatour® user interface is very simple and easy to learn. Within a short time, our team began to appreciate the optimized schedule.

Débora ZanellaDébora Zanella,
Market Intelligence Coordinator

Better coverage, increased sales and valuable insights through business intelligence

In addition to making the sales team’s work easier, portatour® has also had a significant positive impact on the business itself. The results speak for themselves:

  • 22% growth in sales
  • 15% increase in customer coverage
  • 59% more customer calls per month

portatour® also gave the Sinimplante Management the upper hand in keeping a clear overview of the activities in the field. It has been a game changer in reporting and business intelligence processes. Using the OData interface and the Excel PowerPivot extension, data is regularly extracted from portatour® and used in executive reports. In addition, managers use their own portatour® licenses and the portatour® Report to ensure visitation targets and team effectiveness.

We use both PowerPivot and directly access the online data of the sales reps to ensure the team is using portatour® in the best way possible, enabling us to provide extra support as and when needed.

Cristina TosinCristina Tosin,
Business Intelligence Manager

portatour® is the essential tool for organizing the sales team. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the portatour® support. You guys are super partners whenever we need anything.

Cristina TosinCristina Tosin,
Business Intelligence Manager

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