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Do you wonder how safe your customer data is managed on the portatour® servers? The portatour® team dares to claim: “Probably safer than on the servers of many of our clients!”. A multitude of measures are in place to protect your data as much as possible. Read on to find out what we do to fulfill high requirements on data security and safety.

  • ISO 27001 certified
    The security of your data is essential to us. This is why we have integrated an information security management system throughout our entire company. Our internal and external processes are continuously assessed and improved. Our internationally recognized ISO 27001 certificate serves as objective proof for it.Click here for our certificate.
  • Secure user names
    User names are generated automatically and randomly at portatour®. To log in, neither e-mail addresses nor self-chosen user-names are allowed. portatour® is thus immune to attacks prompted by users who use the same login credentials for multiple services.
  • Access only with user name and password
    Without knowing the right combination of user name and password, nobody has access to a user account. Passwords are never transferred via e-mail. Upon first login, every user defines their own password.
  • Connection 100% SSL-encrypted
    The user credentials and all other data are only transferred in encrypted form via SSL between the device and the portatour® servers.
  • Servers protected by firewalls
    Our servers are protected by firewalls against unauthorized access .
  • Encrypted data storage
    All data from user accounts is stored exclusively on encrypted hard drives. Even physically stealing the server or the hard drive does not breach security. The drives can only be accessed after entering a strong decryption key that is only known to the portatour® server team members.
  • Servers 100% our property
    The portatour® servers are 100% property of the impactit GmbH, the provider of portatour®. They are located in a data center in Vienna. No cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud or any other are used. We know exactly which hard drives we keep your data on and where they are.
  • Secure data center in Vienna
    The data center has biometric access control, video surveillance, and separately locked server racks. Redundant fiber-glass connection to the internet, redundant power supply, UPS and diesel generator, redundant air conditioning, fire detector with early smoke detection, and a gas fire extinguishing system are all in place to safeguard highest possible service availability.
  • We do not pass on data
    In the license terms of portatour® we guarantee never to pass on data to third parties. We make our money by providing route-planning services, not by selling data.
  • Data privacy protection on the European level
    Our business premises are in Vienna, Austria. Austrian data privacy protection law applies, ensuring the same first-class standard for the protection of your data as the German data privacy law.
  • Safety from data loss
    Your data is not only secured against unauthorized access but also against data loss. All data is kept on redundant, mirrored database servers with redundant hard drives. Should one server fail, the remaining servers automatically take over and continue. Additionally, an encrypted backup is transferred to an external data center every hour.
  • 100% data export
    We do not hold your data back from you. You always have full access to your customers, appointments, and call reports. You can always export your data at the click of a button or establish a regular data export via our API.

Information technology is our expertise. Our portatour® route-planner business model is based on providing first-class commercial route-planning services. Were we to allow data security problems to arise, we would endanger our business. Therefore, we invest meticulously to provide you with the highest possible security standard for portatour®.

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