Are you a professional field rep and looking for the best route planner for your daily work? Keep reading. The following article provides a checklist that enables you to verify if portatour® is the best route planning software for you.

portatour® is suitable for you if …

  • you travel as a field rep by car,
  • you know the addresses of the customers to be visited, and
  • you visit 4 or more customers per day.

Does all of this apply?
Try portatour® now!

The more complex your tasks, the better portatour® will help, e.g. if:

  • your customers must be visited regularly,
  • customers must be visited in different intervals according to their importance,
  • existing appointments in the calendar must be taken into account for the schedule,
  • customers have limited business hours,
  • sales calls have different durations,
  • more than 100 customers must be visited,
  • you spend 2 hours or more in the car every day,
  • overnight stays on the way shall be included in the schedule,
  • appointments are often unexpectedly postponed or cancelled.

Does one or several of these points apply? Then you have found the best route planner for you!
Try portatour® and get started!

Why is portatour® recommended as a route planner for field reps?

Time is money, especially for professional field reps: With portatour® you can visit more customers per day while travelling fewer miles.

Once you have uploaded the addresses to be visited, portatour® calculates the daily routes at the push of a button und thus enables you visiting the addresses in the shortest possible time and travelling the shortest possible distances.

portatour® is excellent when it comes to planning regular customer calls: You define the intervals of the visits for each customer. portatour® then schedules each customer automatically for the next call on a convenient day and at the same time optimizes the route by scheduling nearby customers for the same day.

Appointments in the calendar are taken into account, spare time is used in the best possible way to achieve additional calls: On the way to an appointment customers are automatically suggested for a visit if they are due.

Equally, business hours are complied with, working hours are taken into consideration, possible overnight stays on the way are suggested, … over 100 different functions help you to optimize your routes.

portatour® is the tool of choice for professional field reps in over 100 sectors like e.g. pharma, consumer goods, industrial and commercial supplies, medical technology, cosmetics, wholesale, paper and stationery products, merchandising, building and construction materials, electronic items, workshop and craftsmen supplies, car components, optics, tobacco products, heating and sanitary, market research, sports and leisure products, clothing and textiles, furniture and fittings, telecommunication, etc. Read exemplary success stories of our customers with portatour®.

Try portatour® – the online route planner for the professional sales rep!

In which cases do you need something different from portatour®?

  • You transport goods from A to B?
    Then you might be looking for a logistics software for deliveries. portatour® cannot take into account that goods must first be picked up from A and then be transported to B.
  • The majority of appointments is determined by your customers?
    If your schedule is mainly based on customer requests – e.g. in the case of service calls – then portatour® has no freedom to optimize the route but can only follow the custumers’ demands. For this purpose, we recommend FLS MOBILE, the field service app developed by our sister company.
  • You visit more than 125 addresses per day?
    Even portatour® has its limits – (currently) portatour® cannot optimize more than 125 calls per day and field rep.
  • You walk, go by bike or use public transport?
    portatour® optimizes routes for vehicles (e.g. cars, trucks, motorbikes). You need a different route planning solution if you are walking (e.g. as a distributor of advertising material), going by bike or on public transport.

Not sure yet?

Stop wasting time and money, increase your sales opportunities.

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