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mymuesli and the portatour® route planner

Efficient customer visits at the right time

Success Story
Adrian Müller

With portatour®, we achieve more in less time because we implement the right activities with the right customers.

Adrian Müller,
Regional Sales Manager

About mymuesli was founded in 2007 in Lower Bavaria, Germany. It was the idea of the three friends: Hubertus Bessau, Philipp Kraiss and Max Wittrock to create individually mixable muesli that can be put together over the Internet from some 80 quality organic ingredients, without added flavors or colors. Since its founding, the startup has grown into a medium-sized company with around 800 employees in 6 countries.

Launched as an online reseller when founded, the Passau-based company is now pursuing a multi-channel strategy. The end customer can buy the mymuesli products online in the web shop, but also offline at the grocery store and in almost 45 company-owned mymuesli stores. Several thousand supermarkets are currently supplied with their muesli. The mymuesli field sales force is responsible for ensuring that the product is represented in supermarkets in the best possible way.

Why automatic route planning?

Before using portatour® for route planning, the sales representatives planned their routes manually - relying on gut feeling. This is common in many startups. Route planning usually took place every two weeks and lasted one to two hours. The sales representatives used Salesforce to get Excel data with all customers to be visited, the last visit and the desired frequency.Manchmal wurde ergänzend ein Online-Routenplaner verwendet, um die Tagesziele besser zu koordinieren. Jedoch kam es immer wieder zu kurzfristigen Planänderungen, weil zum Beispiel ein Produkt bis zu einem Stichtag im Supermarkt sein musste oder ein Termin abgesagt wurde. Das bedeutete meistens eine komplett neue Tourenplanung mit noch mehr Zeitaufwand.

We were looking for a system that schedules for us with foresight, while at the same time allowing for flexibility.

Benjamin Bertenbreiter, IT Project Manager, with focus on sales and order processing at mymuesli
mymuesli Stores

The solution: Flexible and user-friendly route planning with portatour®

Manual route planning has now been completely eliminated with portatour®: scheduling is fully automated and prioritizes the visits of the field service via parameters such as frequency, shelf space or turnover. For short-term marketing campaigns or unexpected customer appointments, schedules can be easily and flexibly adjusted.

With portatour®, I can prioritize my visits to the supermarkets much more easily and still insert an appointment at short notice.

Adrian Müller, Regional Sales Manager

Introduction of portatour®: Easy installation and excellent support

Compared to other software, the introduction of portatour® was very easy. It took less than an hour to install the portatour® route planning app from the Salesforce AppExchange and calculate the first optimized route.

After ordering, everything went very quickly: the same week, a Setup-Workshop took place together with mymuesli and the portatour® team. 10 days after ordering, the first pilot users were already on the road with the software. When selecting the pilot users, great importance was attached to people with an affinity for technology. All received end-user training in the software. This led to a good atmosphere for the project and greatly aided the project start.

After a three-month pilot phase, the company-wide roll-out proceeded without difficulty. The experienced pilot users coached their colleagues. Thanks to its user-friendliness, portatour® was well received by the field sales force. The support from portatour® was excellent and answered all the team's questions.

The feedback from our field sales force during the pilot phase was consistently positive. portatour® is quick to deploy and intuitive to use.

Adrian Müller, Regional Sales Manager
mymuesli Stores mymuesli Stores

The result: 2,000 additional appointments and a better overview

For personal route planning, a sales representative previously needed around two hours every 14 days. With portatour®, this is done in literally seconds. The two hours gained in the process now include three additional customer appointments. With 14 sales representatives, that means about 2,000 more appointments per year. By reducing travel times, important customers can be visited at shorter intervals. For 75% of customers, the intervals are now adhered to - while retaining the necessary flexibility for last-minute actions.,In the past the rate was only 50%. The number of customer visits per day has also increased. One colleague in the office used to work one day a week only with data preparation for route planning. This was completely eliminated by the Salesforce integration of portatour®.

With portatour®, we have managed to gain significantly more new customers and can now deploy our resources far more efficiently.

Benjamin Bertenbreiter, IT Project Manager, with focus on sales and order processing at mymuesli
mymuesli Stores

Thanks to portatour®, we can do our job much better and coordinate our tasks much more easily.

Adrian Müller, Regional Sales Manager

Before portatour®, reporting in the field was far more complex to manage. Customer data is now recorded on site in portatour® call reports. This helps in subsequent sales activities. The portatour® Report created from the data also offers the right key figures for management to make informed decisions, as well as to coach employees in weekly meetings. The statistics from portatour® have also helped to restructure territories and better structure peripheral territories.

portatour® is a super tool for optimal route planning and comprehensive customer management. The time saved can now be put to good use with customers.

Sven Palka, Sales Rep

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