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Success Story

Discovering new salons to increase business

Once our sales reps started using portatour®, we uncovered a wealth of potential new leads.

Rodney Macnamara,
Managing Director Salon Business Kao Australia
Rodney Macnamara

Kao Australia uses the portatour® route planner

About Kao

Kao is a leading global manufacturer of premium beauty care brands such as John Frieda®, Guhl®, Goldwell®, and KMS California® – recognized around the world for their innovation and quality. The group has 33,054 employees.

For Kao Australia, sales representatives visit local hair and beauty salons to present brands, demonstrate products, and provide training – forming strong relationships with salons, the basis for Kao’s business.

Kao Products

Why route planning was needed

Rodney Macnamara, Managing Director of the Kao salon business in Australia, set the strategic goal of professionalizing the work of field representatives further. Call cycles for existing salon customers were to be optimized, while also calling on new leads to generate new business.

Kao tasked CRM project manager Geoff Hill with finding a user-friendly, iPad-based application for call planning and call reporting that was compatible with Salesforce.

Kao Goldwell at work in a Salon

Solution: Unrivaled scheduling with portatour®

portatour® offered the only scheduling algorithm that could meet all the requirements of the Kao sales strategy: optimizing call cycles, calling on new leads, while also minimizing the driving routes. It was found to be unrivaled on the market.

An evaluation of mapping solutions in the Salesforce AppExchange showed that only portatour® was able to provide call scheduling in line with our strategy. To create that ourselves would have taken years. portatour® was the most cost-effective solution for achieving our goals.

Geoff Hill, Project Manager

Implementing portatour®

It was easy to install the portatour® app from Salesforce AppExchange, with straightforward setting of configuration values, such as call reporting, in order to meet the requirements of the Kao sales strategy. The fine tuning of territories and parameters optimized the performance.

I am not an IT person but I managed to run 90% of the installation and configuration, which highlights how simple it is to get portatour® up and running.

The support was fantastic, despite the geographical distance. Emails to the help desk were replied to by the next day, solving any issue we had.

Geoff Hill, Project Manager
KMS California

Result: strategic maximization of salon calls and an unprecedented level of reporting

A dynamic route planner is essential for field sales. Daily plans and schedules can change at any time: what was planned as a 30-minute call can take two hours, or a scheduled two-hour call can be cancelled if the contact person is not available. In such cases, the portatour® dynamic route planner, at the push of a button, provides an alternative route and reschedules the rest of the day, maximizing the number of calls.

Sales representatives who have worked in their territory for years have been routed to new leads they had previously passed by, generating new business. portatour® is an essential tool for finding new salon customers, which is key to Kao Australia. The integration with Salesforce on the iPad makes it easy for sales representatives to switch from route planning to the presentation of marketing material.

Young sales representatives, in particular, are very enthusiastic about portatour® and say: “how could I ever do my job without it?”
The routing to new leads opened up a wealth of new potential

Geoff Hill, Project Manager

The portatour® Report provides a new level of insight, through quantitative and qualitative data. Sales activities can be evaluated on an individual, regional or national level. Basic initial reports can be continually refined, according to business requirements, owing to all the data being available in the Salesforce reporting system.

The portatour® Reports have provided us with an overview we didn’t have before: where are the representatives going, where have they been, and what have they achieved. We can evaluate individual representatives and support them accordingly with training to enhance their sales performance.

Rodney Macnamara, Managing Director Salon Business Kao Australia