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REYHER and portatour®

Successful on the road with route planner and territory optimization

Success Story

Performance enhancement with portatour®

through optimized workload of field service

400 more visits/month
20% more new customers/year
2 travel days less/week
Johannes von Bastian

If I have set the key figures and parameters carefully, all I have to do is press a button and portatour® takes 95% of the work off my hands. Everything that comes after that is much easier and I save a lot of time.

Johannes von Bastian,
Manager Sales Controlling


Right in the heart of Hamburg, REYHER has stood for reliable C-parts supply and customer services for many decades. F. REYHER Nchfg. GmbH & Co. KG was originally founded in 1887 as a trading company for hardware, ship's articles and tools, directly at the port of Hamburg. Around 70 years ago, the family business specialized in fasteners and fixing technology. Today, REYHER is one of the leading trading companies in Europe with an annual turnover of around 450 million euros and supplies more than 12,000 customers worldwide from its central location in Hamburg-Altona. With a comprehensive range of more than 130,000 different items in stock, 960 employees ensure a daily delivery availability of over 99 percent.

Why automated route planning?

REYHER's goal and challenge was to increase the efficiency of field sales force and to respond even more strongly to customers. The solution for this is called portatour®

Once all the parameters have been successfully designed and set, all it takes is the push of a button and portatour® takes 95% of the work off our field staff. By using portatour®, we have succeeded in carrying out more customer calls in the same amount of time.

Johannes von Bastian, Manager Sales Controlling

The time saved in this way can be used to provide more intensive advice to customers. In terms of sustainability in particular, we are pleased to be able to make an active contribution to environmental protection, as thanks to portatour® we travel significantly fewer kilometers on field sales force and thus save fuel.

On the road every day with portatour®

After a successful pilot project, portatour® was rolled out to the entire field sales force. Unfortunately, like everyone else at the time, we were taken by surprise by the coronavirus pandemic, which made it somewhat difficult to carry out a meaningful evaluation in the initial phase. As soon as on-site visits to customers were possible again, we were able to fall back on almost perfect preparation with portatour®.

portatour® was our first cloud solution. Now our field staff always have all their data with them at the touch of a button and can access it at any time using their cell phone or tablet. This is a real time-saver and makes portatour® a great tool for the sales force.

Victor Niederhausen, Sales Development and Support

The ease of use of portatour® helps new employees to familiarize themselves quickly and easily. But even long-standing field service employees, some of whom have been with the company for 30 years, are enthusiastic about the ease of use of portatour® and use the new system to benefit from the simplifications that automated route planning brings.

Efficiency through territory optimization

Thanks to the visualization options and excellent statistics provided by portatour®, we have recognized that we can leverage further potential by shifting the boundaries of our sales territories.

Johannes von Bastian, Manager Sales Controlling

REYHER's management therefore decided to also use the services of portatour® Territory Optimization - a good decision in the long term. Thanks to the territory optimization of portatour®, it was quickly recognized that the workload of the individual sales representatives showed some serious differences. With the help of portatour® Territory Optimization, weaknesses in the current sales territories were identified and the existing sales territories were successively optimized in order to achieve the best possible market penetration. Thanks to numerous setting options and the calculation of seven optimization proposals per run in a matter of seconds, REYHER has succeeded in deploying its employees even more efficiently in their optimized sales territories.

Full overview thanks to portatour®

As the company REYHER impressively demonstrates, portatour® can also be used without integration into an existing CRM. Thanks to numerous design options for a total of 100 user fields, portatour® is also used at REYHER for campaigns that play a major role in acquiring new customers.

Before portatour®, you had to plan exactly where you were going, which customers you could visit or search for overnight stay before each trip. Now all this is done for you elegantly and efficiently.

Johannes von Bastian, Manager Sales Controlling

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