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MainTea and the portatour® route planner

More appointments thanks to optimized planning

Success Story

Monthly performance with portatour®

from the perspective of the sales manager

100% more customer calls per day per field sales rep
52 fewer days in the office per year per field sales rep
0 customers falling through the cracks
Marvin Darmstädter

portatour® is an ingenious field sales tool, a great route planner and an absolute blessing for our company.

Marvin Darmstädter,
Head of Sales

About MainTea and Marvin Darmstädter

Founded as a start-up, MainTea GmbH is now an up-and-coming company in the food tech sector whose innovative products and bold sales strategy are creating a real buzz. After its first tentative steps in 2020, the company hit the ground running with the NOSUGA brand. In addition to NOSUGA, MainTea GmbH's broad product range also includes the brands "Besser im Glas" (better in glass) and "Bubble Pop". More brands are in the pipeline. Working with the founders Paul Sahm and Paul Hylla, Marvin Darmstädter launched the company's sales operations in August 2020. Today, the three lead a team of 29. With his hometown of Frankfurt as a starting point, the current Head of Sales quickly managed to expand beyond the local area and celebrate sales successes throughout Germany. After completing his apprenticeship, qualified hotelier Darmstädter went on to study business administration and then found his way into sales through a childhood friend.

Why automated route planning?

As the company's success grew, so did the number of customers, presenting MainTea with the challenge of maintaining an overview and increasing the efficiency of the sales force. At the time, many of the field reps were working with confusing Excel spreadsheets, which led to inaccuracies and a lot of wasted time. According to Darmstädter, portatour® was clearly the optimal solution: "The tool has an ingenious interface and is a real blessing for our company. The implementation went smoothly because portatour® is intuitive and very user-friendly. So our employees can quickly familiarize themselves with the tool and take full advantage of its benefits."

Benefits of working with portatour®

By using portatour® Route Planner, MainTea's sales force DOUBLED its daily customer calls from 10 to an average of 20. What's more, the reporting system has noticeably improved: "Employees arrive at the customer's premises knowing exactly what happened last time and can follow up seamlessly." Another important point is the enormous amount of time saved. The sales force saves around 52 office days per year per rep because colleagues can drive to their customers on Mondays instead of having to spend hours creating a route for the week: portatour® has already done it for them.

Thanks to portatour®'s extremely well-managed reporting system, by the time our sales force arrive at the customer's premises, they know exactly what happened last time and can follow up seamlessly.

Marvin Darmstädter, Head of Sales

Competitive edge thanks to portatour®

Darmstädter says that portatour® has also made it easier for him and his colleagues to maintain a personal relationship with customers and manage them efficiently: "We opted for an in-house classification system early on. Thanks to portatour®, we've been able to increase efficiency enormously by calling on our A-customers much more often." The software also helps to identify business partners who need extra attention and prevents customers from falling through the cracks. Another advantage is the comprehensive data analysis. MainTea uses the data it collects to identify market trends and make strategic decisions. With portatour®, the company can create detailed reports and so continuously optimize its in-house sales strategy. portatour®'s flexibility enables MainTea to react to short-term changes in the market or respond even faster to specific customer needs. Route plans can be adjusted at any time to ensure that the field sales team is always deployed in the best way. According to Marvin Darmstädter, this gives MainTea a decisive competitive edge.

We save an office day every week because our colleagues can go on the road on Mondays. That's a saving of at least 52 days per field rep per year.

Marvin Darmstädter, Head of Sales

CRM systems and the future

portatour® could be seamlessly integrated into MainTea's existing CRM system. This made it easy to exchange data between the systems and ensured consistent, centralized management of important customer data. "Integrating portatour® into our CRM was a crucial step that simplified our processes and boosted efficiency even further," explains Darmstädter. With the launch of new products like Power Food and Bubble Pop, MainTea plans to go on expanding its market leadership in certified organic and sugar-free beverages. And portatour® will continue providing the company with tremendous support along the way. Darmstädter concludes: "portatour® is much more than just a route planning tool for MainTea. It's an integral part of our sales strategy in day-to-day business. portatour®'s positive impact on efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee productivity underlines its importance to MainTea's sustainable growth and long-term success."

Everyone here who works with portatour® is immensely satisfied and gets on really well with it.

Marvin Darmstädter, Head of Sales

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