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KS Medizintechnik and the portatour® route planner

Efficient sales planning – at the push of a button

Success Story
Jörg Heinser

The sales force is always faced with the problem: “How do I structure my day?” With portatour® I finally have a system that plans my working day efficiently at the push of a button.

Jörg Heinser,
Sales and Marketing Director

About KS Medizintechnik

KS Medizintechnik is one of the most long-standing medical technology companies in Germany, which has been supplying a wide range of products for medical practitioners, practice supplies and medical devices since 1921. Currently there are 45 employees who provide consulting, testing, maintenance and repairs for medical technology products, from supplying a syringe to planning and equipping a complete practice.

The field sales force at KS Medizintechnik is an “all-round service provider” for medical practices, according to the motto: “Whatever concerns the doctor’s practice, KS Medizintechnik will solve the problem”. In addition, the representatives take care of 10,000 sleep apnea patients. While others are cutting their field sales force back, KS Medizintechnik is expanding and strengthening it, as the company is aware of its importance.

Why dynamic route planning?

Before portatour®, KS Medizintechnik planned its sales routes in the same way as many other companies. For each day of the week and each representative there was a fixed route that was repeated every two weeks.

The biggest problem with this was that if a particular customer call had to be postponed from Thursday to Monday, then the plan fell apart for two days. Time-consuming, manual rescheduling, unnecessary detours and fewer customer calls were the result.

Calls outside of the fixed schedule were therefore difficult to arrange, or else meant that other customers had to be left out for two weeks, which is unacceptable for a service-oriented company.

Medical products and consulting by KS Medizintechnik

When I think back to the “darkest days” before portatour®, it is evident that the fixed routes made us completely inflexible. Unplanned calls broke the schedule for several days, causing many customers to fall by the wayside.

Jörg Heinser, Sales and Marketing Director

The solution: route planning with portatour®

portatour® calculates a new, optimized route for each day. Instead of inflexible, fixed routes, it presents dynamic route suggestions that take account of the call intervals for all customers. If there are unexpected call requests from a customer, then these are simply entered into the portatour® calendar. The route is newly optimized in real time, accessed by smart phone when the representative is on the road.

portatour® enables us to react quickly to call requests from medical practitioners, while still ensuring efficient routes. portatour® automatically takes care of optimal rescheduling at the touch of a button. This is appreciated by our customers, as well as by our field sales force.

Implementing portatour®

portatour® is distributed as a standard software that can be adapted according to individual requirements – even without any programming skills.

portatour® was ready for use straight away. With other suppliers, we would have had to do custom development beyond imagination to get them up and running and fully functional. portatour® support responded incredibly quickly to any questions.

Medical products and consulting by KS Medizintechnik

The result: simplified and efficient work

The KS Medizintechnik field sales force has become more flexible and efficient due to portatour®. The work of the field sales force is structured automatically at the touch of a button. The representatives can respond to customer requests immediately.

Owing to portatour® we can also react immediately to revenue developments with regard to individual customers, by increasing or decreasing the call frequency. Modified call strategies are applied straight away in the next route plan calculation.

The intelligence of portatour® when generating and optimizing dynamic routes is far superior to traditional fixed route planning.

portatour® plans more intelligently than any of us ever could, owing to the complexity of the task. We definitely recommend portatour®.

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