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HD PLUS and the portatour® route planner

Efficient customer visits at the right time

Success Story
Raoul Ibler

With portatour®, we achieve more in less time because the tool helps us to concentrate on the essentials: the exchange with our retail partners.

Raoul Ibler,
Head of Commercial


HD+ offers the best in TV entertainment. As the TV platform with the widest technical reach, HD+ provides access to high-definition television from private broadcasters via satellite and, since 2021, also via IP on mobile devices and selected televisions. The HD+ TV app is directly integrated into new devices from leading brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Hisense, Sony, Vestel and Loewe. It enables the HD+ convenience function with additional services for both intuitive TV operation and individual TV experiences. The high user friendliness of HD+ is reflected in functions such as restarting or pausing ongoing programs. In addition, the media libraries on offer can be searched and the desired program found can be played directly. The current channel package includes more than 90 channels in brilliant HD quality, including 25 of the largest private channels and three UHD channels. HD PLUS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the satellite operator SES.

Why automatic route planning?

Shortly after introducing its own field service, HD+ realized that manual route planning could not keep up with systematic planning. Manual scheduling was essentially based on personal experience and Excel skills. The biggest drawback of this traditional method was that it was not possible to visit all retailers at the specified intervals. "We were therefore looking for a tool that was as reliable as it was powerful, with which we could make our field service organization more efficient." While researching a tool that would meet these requirements, the company quickly came across portatour® thanks to a tip from an area sales manager: "The system was described as performing very well and is also extremely reliable. We were able to confirm these ratings after our own initial experiences."

The area sales managers currently look after 2,500 dealers in Germany on a regular basis. With the help of portatour®, the dealers were divided into four visit categories according to their importance: "We visit A dealers every 50 days, B dealers every 100 days, C dealers every 200 days and D dealers once a year. The tool reliably creates regular tours according to the strength of the dealers so that we can provide them with updates and product training as required." It is particularly helpful for HD+ that portatour® incorporates empirical data from traffic planning, retailers' business hours and planning around set appointments into its data-supported visit strategy.

Systematic planning by portatour® makes our sales force strategy efficient and enables us to provide each retailer with individual support.

Raoul Ibler

How did the enrollment process go?

The changeover to portatour® was initially a challenge. As is usual when introducing innovations, there were also some in the HD+ team who were skeptical about the new method. Accustomed to their manual process, it took individuals varying lengths of time to adjust to the new system. There were two reasons why the introduction quickly developed into a success story: Firstly, there were convinced users of portatour® in the team right from the start. They shared their tips and tricks in the group or in conversations: "This made it possible to convince everyone in the team that portatour® enriches and facilitates our everyday work. This was also helped by the fact that the portatour® service answered every question immediately and competently." The fact that the system still allows manual intervention in planning also increased acceptance within the team.

The introduction of portatour® not only changed our work processes, but also strengthened the team spirit through the joint learning process.

Raoul Ibler

Experience with territory optimization?

The optimization of territories led to a more efficient customer support. The HD+ field sales team has intensified its visits and spends significantly less time on the road: "Compared to manual planning, we now have up to 50 percent more time for our dealers. The annual adjustment of territories also helps us here. It is carried out via portatour® in coordination with internal systems and processes and significantly improves the quality of our customer calls."

The reporting function is also important to HD+. It provides a transparent overview of call intervals so that campaigns can be better planned and managed: "This gives us full control over the fact that we visit all retailers despite the extended call times and make no difference whether it is a small retailer or a large store." This is made possible, among other things, by shortening the driving times, which is closely linked to the optimization of territories. "We are also pleased that all area sales managers have the same average workload. The differences are less than 10 percent."

portatour® enables us to give each retailer the attention they need and has significantly improved the efficiency of our field sales force.

Raoul Ibler

Day-to-day field sales with portatour®

The flexibility and adaptability of portatour® has fundamentally changed the daily routine of HD+'s field reps. Fixed appointments can be seamlessly integrated into the daily routine, and the tool offers solutions in real time if a planned call is not possible. The ability to make adjustments and leave feedback directly in the system proves to be particularly convenient. "The fact that everyone can quickly change personal settings makes it easier to comply with rest periods, for example."

portatour® has long been an integral part of our everyday work.

Raoul Ibler

Successful results

The introduction of portatour® led to a significant increase in the efficiency of our sales force. The quality of customer call has improved, which contributes directly to the company's success. The optimized workload and the reduction of unnecessary drive as well as the orientation towards home location contribute to the fact that our sales force needs less overnight stay and less working hours is wasted. Despite a higher call times, we have not had to limit the average Number number of visits per week

portatour® has established itself as an indispensable tool for our field sales force and makes a direct contribution to our company's success.

Raoul Ibler

The flexibility and simplicity of portatour® have made our day-to-day work much easier.

Matthias Neumeier

With portatour® we reach a new level of efficiency and customer proximity.

Giovanni Petrucci

About the author

As Head of Commercial, Raoul Ibler is responsible for overall sales at HD+. With a dedicated team of 12 area sales managers, two regional sales managers/key account managers and two sales coordinators, who are responsible for the administration of portatour®, he ensures that HD+ products and services are available wherever customers would like to purchase television and reception devices.

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