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Peter Feigl and the portatour® route planner

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Monthly performance with portatour®

for a self-employed sales agent

16 h more free time
41 more customer visits
310 miles saved
Peter Feigl

With portatour® I am finally as flexible as my job requires me to be.

Peter Feigl,
Sales Agent


FEIGL Technische Produkte GmbH specializes in edge adhesive, edge processing and technical chemicals. Its recipe for success lies in its consequent alignment to highest quality and advice standards. Through the power of continuous innovation, the company was able to significantly increase its market share over the years and now counts prestigious national and international furniture manufacturers among its customers. The founder, Peter Feigl, was honored the most successful international sales agent in 2018 and was added to the book of successful German and Austrian personalities in 2022. Peter Feigl represents the interests of approximately 8.000 Austrian sales agents as deputy chairman in Upper Austrian and as a federal committee member in the Viennese Chamber of Commerce.

Why automatic route planning?

Fuel prices are constantly rising, and as a sales agent, you spend a lot of hours everyday planning routes in Google Maps or other applications. This was the main reason why Peter Feigl looked for a tool that would save him time and money through automated route planning. He tested several systems - and finally chose portatour® because it met all his requirements and convinced him in comparison.

Upload your data and get started

You can upload your customer addresses from an Excel file, regardless of whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. For each customer, you can configure individual settings, including your preferred visiting interval, specific visiting times and durations, as well as visiting blocks or company vacations. At the push of a button, portatour® creates an optimized weekly route in a few seconds. It even considers all planning restrictions that can occur, especially appointments that are already fixed.

As flexible as your sales routine

If a customer cancels at short notice, portatour® handles the case in no time. The system immediately suggests the customer who is closest and is due for a visit according to the interval. The customer who hasn’t been visited is not forgotten but is automatically rescheduled for a new visit. If a customer calls spontaneously and wants to make an appointment at a convenient time, portatour® has a feature for that too: When you click on the “Find suitable day” button, portatour® will suggest a day to visit the customer, that is suitable for the active tour.

The daily schedule can include suggested customers, target customers, and fixed appointments as required. The flexibility to react to short-term changes is very important in field service. portatour® makes this possible at the push of a button.

Capture notes on the go

Peter Feigl used to take notes on a piece of paper for his next customer visit. This is no longer necessary, as he can use portatour® to write a visit report immediately after an appointment or to create a task if necessary. He is also able to call up the contact person of a company with a simple click. With portatour® he has access to all relevant customer information and past visits at his fingertips on the road.

Save time, save money

With portatour® it’s also possible to get statistics on visits made. After just one month of testing, Peter Feigl’s results spoke for themselves:

With a reduction of just over 500 kilometers from my usual travels, I managed to visit 41 more customers within a single month. Furthermore, I reclaimed an additional 4 hours of free time per week by streamlining and eliminating the complexities of my daily route planning.

Peter Feigl, Sales Agent

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