Using your customer data in portatour® – easy with one of the multiple interfaces

Do you want to use your existing customer data in portatour® for route-planning? Read on to find out more about the available interfaces and choices for the successful import or synchronization of data.

If you manage your customer data in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, select the appropriate product variant:

portatour® for Salesforce: Installed from the Salesforce AppExchange. Your Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Appointments, and Call Reports will be synchronized.
portatour® for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: An installation package is installed into your Dynamics CRM. Available for versions 2011, 2013 and 2015 both for the on-premise and on-demand variants. Your Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Appointments, and Call Reports are synchronized.

If your customer data is managed in another CRM or ERP system, or is available as files, you can choose from the following possibilities to synchronize data with portatour®:

Manual import & export via Excel, OpenOffice or Text-File

There are buttons to import and export data in the web-interface of portatour® Anywhere. Excel, OpenOffice and Text/CSV files are all supported.

An import wizard guides you step-by-step through the customer import process. portatour® is adaptive when importing data: the columns in the imported file do not have to conform to a predefined schema. Rather, the file’s columns are mapped to the fields in portatour® one time only during the import process.

The import wizard can also update existing customer data already stored in portatour®. The update can be restricted to certain fields – for example, to only update the annual revenue numbers or the customers’ contact persons.

Exporting of customers, appointments, and call reports is as easy as pressing a button.

Hint: Appointments and call reports can be additionally shared via an iCal-share. This internet calendar can be subscribed to and integrated into Outlook, Google Calendar or other apps that support iCal-calendars.

Automatic import and export via API (Application Programmer Interface)

If data is synchronized regularly (weekly or daily), the API can help with automation.

When using the API, files are transferred using an encrypted HTTPS interface. The import is done by uploading files, and the export by downloading files. The supported formats are Excel, OpenOffice and Text/CSV. As with the manual import, the API allows updating individual customers fields already loaded into portatour®.

Ideally, access to the API should be automated via a script (batch-file) that is run regularly. To access HTTPS on the command-line, various tools such as cURL or Wget are available for multiple operating systems.

Setting up the data synchronization via API requires IT-skills and time, but saves time from a medium and long-term perspective, while also increasing quality, by ensuring consistent data across all your systems.

Access to the API is available when buying two or more portatour® user licenses. There are no additional costs for using the API. Administrators can find technical documentation and examples in the portatour® options.

Automatic synchronization via portatour® Connector

If the API is not enough for you, we offer a tool for full data synchronization and automation: the portatour® Connector.

portatour® Connector is a software that is installed on a Windows Server at your side and serves as mediator between your CRM/ERP and portatour®. Data exchange between your system and Connector is based on either CSV-files or SQL-ODBC connections.

Additional to the import of customers and export of customers, appointments, and call reports (which is already provided by the API), the Connector offer the following possibilities:

  • Full automation of user management, automatic user creation
  • Full synchronization of call reports (import and export)
  • Updating of the core settings programmatically (working hours, planning parameters, …) based on configuration files.

When deploying portatour® Connector, your IT system is the master database for users, customers, appointments and call reports. portatour® is in the role of being an “add-on” to your existing system. Therefore, regular backups of the data base are mandatory to keep data integrity and are within your responsibility.

Due to the complexity, connector is only offered starting with 10 user licenses. Installation and configuration of the connector is part of a paid implementation project where you and the portatour® team collaborate.

We consult you in making your choice

Unsure which product variant is the right one for you? Contact us at sales@portatour.comwe are always happy to help.