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Guideline for field reps: Make B2B customer appointments

In this guideline we have summarized the important aspects of “appointments with customers” for field reps and give you some advice to take along for your B2B customer calls.


If a pre-scheduled appointment is reasonalbe for field reps or not depends on various factors like the sector, the planned duration of the appointment, the number of customer calls per day, etc. Please read our article “Pre-schedule customer appointments – STOP or GO for a field force?” to find out on what to pay particular attention in this respect.

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Pre-schedule customer appointments – STOP or GO for a field force?

A constant matter of dispute in customer relationship management is the question if customer calls should be prescheduled or not…

Of course there is no universally valid answer. Below you may find arguments for and against scheduled appointments with customers, which are to be considered when deciding on the right approach for your business.

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